A Gracious Host

A Gracious Host
A Gracious Host, a photo by JKLsemi on Flickr.

We had a great hike at Clear Creek Metro Park this morning.
Our decision to take a longer hike was rewarded by a nice encounter with a moderately cooperative box turtle (not the first time we’ve come across a turtle on the trail) and a somewhat more bittersweet encounter with an impressive luna moth.

Today’s hike:
Clear Creek Metro Park at EveryTrail
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Bonk, a photo by JKLsemi on Flickr.

I was out in the yard looking for anything interesting to photograph, and this — a little baby buckeye nut — bonked me on the head. I looked up to see a group of boisterous crows rousing some rabble up in the buckeye tree, but, since I went out with only the macro lens, I opted to shoot the nut instead.